Nature journaling inside… While looking at the TV 

Ugh! The stomach bug got us bad! The worst of it was yesterday… But we are still recovering today!

Everyone was bored of being sick, so I had to come up with something fun and WILDlike!

… And I got an idea…

Something I have been wanting to add to our day is Nature Journaling. However, I’m not very good at drawing… I’m a stick person kind of girl… so I’ve been putting it off.


I also want us to memorize nature poems so we can recite them when the WILD inspires us!

So I decided to combine them by practicing their drawing with YouTube tutorials that corresponds with a poem!

Nature is what we see                                          By Emily Dickinson 

Nature is what we see,

The Hill, the Afternoon –

Squirrel, Eclipse, the Bumble-bee,

Nay- Nature is Heaven.

Nature is what we hear,

The Bobolink, the Sea –

Thunder, the Cricket –

Nay, -Nature is Harmony.

Nature is what we know

But have no art to say,

So impotent our wisdom is

To Her simplicity.

Today we just focused on the first verse. I think we all have it memorized now… and the kids drew the most amazing bee!!

Eli’s Bee

Edison’s Bee

Simone’s Bee


Andre’s Bee

(Oh my! They did such a good job!!)

Over the next few days, we can finish memorizing the poem and continue practicing realistic drawing with the help of YouTube!

Hopefully we will be feeling all better soon and we can go take our journals into the great WILD outdoors! ❤️🌳❤️

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  1. They all did wonderful bees! I had my kids do copywork everyday in a journal. We did a lot of poems. Great stuff!

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  2. Wow – great drawings!! I love the idea of memorizing poems…it is probably another lost educational tradition now that I think about it (thank you Ms. Bartz, 7th grade English teacher for making us read poetry out loud!). I hope y’all feel better soon!!

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  3. What a wonderful idea! We go on “observation walks” and pick up specimens and record them in journals, but I never thought of incorporating verse and drawing as well. I still remember poems I learned in grade school, 40 years ago! Thanks so much for sharing this. Your kids did wonderfully. I’ll be tweeting this to share the wealth.

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    • Thank YOU! I’m unfamiliar with the tweeting world but I know it’s an honor (looks like I have some homework regarding social media LOL)! My kids also love to pick up things… And put them in my pockets! It’s neat to think that the poems we learn together as a family will be in their hearts and minds for many many years to come ❤️🌳❤️


  4. I love nature journaling although we don’t do nearly enough of it! This is a great website that has a lot of Charlotte Mason type stuff: poetry, hymns, art, ect. Thought you might like it:

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    • Aww, thanks for thinking of me! I’ll definitely check out that link!


      • I was trying to get on the site and it wasn’t loading for me. Darn. They use blogger and something is messed up with it. Is it just me or do google products tend to not work? Anyway, hopefully it comes up for you.

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      • LOL! It worked for me and I love the pictures of paintings with blurbs about it! Thanks again for telling me about it!

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      • I have windows 10. Google and Microsoft he he. Glad it worked. I love that site. It puts it all together so you don’t have to.

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  5. Emily Dickinson is brilliant, isn’t she? I like all your busy bees 🙂

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  1. A class on Nature Journaling | Becoming a Wild Family

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