Volunteering at a Food Bank

Part of our unschooling homeschool philosophy is to be active in our community. I have found that by participating in frequent community events we are slowly but surely becoming more confident and less socially anxious! This is a big deal for my shy family!

I am now part of a homeschool email group and received an invitation to volunteer at our local food bank. We would go into the situation knowing no one and be in an unfamiliar situation.

But I signed us up anyway!


And it was such a wonderful experience!

Packing canned potatoes


Packing canned carrots

Breaking down boxes

Making boxes


We packaged 288 boxes which is 7,776 pounds which is 6,348 meals!

I realize that we helped a lot of people today by volunteering our time and talents… But really we benefited in so many ways!

I didn’t have to micro-manage my children: they felt important and respected and behaved accordingly. I couldn’t even see them half the time but I trusted them and they did awesome!

I heard Eli apologizing to our dog for having to crate her while we gone and explained that we were helping hungry people have food to eat. I’m glad that he understands what we were doing and why because that is the foundation for compassion and understanding the needs within a community!

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  1. Thanks to all of you for volunteering. It’s great that you are helping your kids to learn the importance of service to others.


  2. That is so awesome! I need to see if the small homeschool group here still volunteers at the local food bank. Thank you for the reminder! πŸ™‚

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