I’m running… With a smile on my face!

I used to think of myself as a runner… Probably because I was LOL!

Once upon a time I ran a half marathon- but after that accomplishment… I ran no more!

Until a friend told me about the free app c25k… An app that talks to you as you train- it alternately tells you when to walk and run!

I actually find running fun and challenging and wonderful and miserable (LOL) again!!

I was so stoked to hear my Fitbit tell me two miles- I actually ran faster with the walk/run combo!!!

As I ran today, I noticed a row of Bald Cypress trees

… and one tree’s kneesΒ had broken the paved path!

I am so inspired by that tree!

I’m sure it wasn’t easy for that tree’s knee to grow up and break free…

Just like it’s not easy for my ole knees to run-

but I can and I will😊 just like that tree could and did!



  1. Love this. Keep running! You can do it.

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    • Thank you! I used to run with headphones but I now have a new appreciation for nature’s music!! I think I’m falling in love with running again πŸ™‚

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      • I agree. I love sitting in the back yard listening to the birds and the fountain. Such a great way to wake up. It’s so hot here I have to go out early with coffee. By 10 it is close to 100 degrees.

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      • Yes! It was 94 when I started running a bit after six this evening but a storm blew in- which I witnessed in all its natural glory 😊 and the temp dropped to 80 sweet degrees! It was such a great experience to feel the weather change and notice the birds and rabbits change behaviors accordingly… I love that I’m noticing things I never paid attention to before!

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      • OUCH on the temp. Be careful. Enjoy the nature.

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  2. Bexy Kinda

    I am not a runner, never was and never will be, but to dance I am.

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  3. Good for you!
    I’ve been walking at a fast clip with my girl, but running, well,
    Hats off to you!

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  4. That’s fantastic!! I love C25K and I’m NOT a runner. At. All. But this app made it so incredibly easy to walk/run and gain momentum, and it helped that I could listen to music and it ‘interrupted’ me when I had to start running again etc. I completed my first 5K bc of this app. I downloaded the C210K but that’s a whole other level:) Happy running!:)

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  5. I used to run a lot. I have sort of a love hate relationship with it! I do run/walk more now. Often it’s dictated by my body. What is creaking today?! Hahaha. I’ve mowed a nice trail out on the back half of my property and it’s been really nice to jog walk that. I scared a deer along the trails the other day! Nature is so beautiful, that I found myself easily moving my legs. I will go out there a few times a day. Since mowing the trails, I’ve lost a few pounds. Not bad. Also good for the soul…very meditative being out with the birds! It’s interesting you mentioned looking at the trees…I wonder what the story is behind what I see too. And it really does help pass the time and I find I connect more with what is around me. Have fun with running and whatever motivates you! Be well, Koko:)

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  6. I am trying to get back into running after a calf injury. I am a run/walk kind of gal. If I think that I HAVE to run for a certain period, non-stop, my brain makes it so much harder to do than if I give myself permission to walk part of it. My ultimate goal is to run a marathon when I turn 80. I have 23 years to train. LOL

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  7. Miriam C

    Love this! Found it inspiring as I ran a half marathon and then ran no more! Trying to get back to it now!


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  8. Keep running! you won’t regret it πŸ™‚

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