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Having a proper picnic at Wilderness Park

We decided to have a real picnic at the park.   Despite the park being surrounded by major roads, it really is a haven for wild animals. We have even seen a coyote here in years past – from the car thankfully! We usually bring food with us whenever we go to parks- but it’s in …

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Sewing a “sit-upon” for nature studies

The kids spent another sick day at home yesterday… … So in the time that they watched Kung Fu Panda, I sewed 5 sit-upons. Sit-upons: something to sit-upon while outside. This was a project I had been putting off because there was always something else to be done. So, I took advantage of the situation and …

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Nature journaling inside… While looking at the TVΒ 

Ugh! The stomach bug got us bad! The worst of it was yesterday… But we are still recovering today! Everyone was bored of being sick, so I had to come up with something fun and WILDlike! … And I got an idea… Something I have been wanting to add to our day is Nature Journaling. …

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