Yes, it’s been awhile… 

So… it’s been a while since I’ve posted – like 3 whole months!

I’ve needed time to refocus and time to refresh!

In the time I’ve been gone…

Andre broke his knee, Halloween was fun, the kids participated in a Christmas Ukele program, I learned to make delicious favored kombucha, I also learned to crochet granny squareds, Eli turned 7 and he got glasses, I got new pink glasses and learned how to bake soughdough bread… and I am going back to school to get a certificate in ASL (American Sign Language).

A lot can happen in a short amount of time. But best of all- I took the time to create peace in the home! 🏡 

This morning, when I awoke, I felt compelled to get the kids (and myself) back into the wild!

We bundled up first thing this morning and headed to the park. It was cold and windy, but no one seemed to mind 😊

OUR GREAT DISCOVERY WAS… a giant dead fish 🐟!

The kids thought it was the neatest find ever! And now Eddie wants to go back to the park tomorrow to catch a fish… he had NO idea the lake had such large fish!

There were even fish scales scattered around on the ground… the kids had many ideas about what animal had been eating the fish!

I caught the sweetest video Eddie helping Eli climb the excercise bars…

Today I was gently reminded of why I want to become a wild family!

 The great outdoors has much to teach us and gives us opportunities that bring us together in love 💜


  1. Glad you are back. 😊 I too haven’t blogged much in the past while…busy with life. I hope the knee heals well. Congrats on learning to crochet and baking sourdough. 💜

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  2. I was wondering what was going on with your family. I’m so glad all is well there…apart from Andre’s broken knee. I hope that heals perfectly!

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    • Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts… I’ve missed chatting with you and other bloggers. I’m excited to be focused on the great wild outdoors and look forward to sharing our experience! I ‘m also excited to jump back into reading blogs…. gonna check out yours and all that I’ve missed 😊

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  3. movingmommy

    My mother in law made kombucha tea and I loved it! She had gallons of the stuff sitting around with different flavors of berries! I live in a fifth wheel so have no room to make my own but I do but some at the store once in awhile and my youngest loves the stuff! Sorry to hear about the broken knee. Our four year old broke her arm at the park a few months back and the doctor we went to said all she needed was a cast but we went to another doctor to get it off 5 weeks later and they said she needed surgery. So we are pretty upset that she has to go through all this again but kids break things sometimes. They have to be kids, lol. Love your blog and great photos!

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    • That’s terrible- what happened to your daughter! The doctor actually told us Andre could take his soft cast off after a week- but I wouldn’t let him LOL- he’s way too crazy! It did heal nicely which I am very thankful for! It’s ironic that he broke it wrestling with his brother and not climbing rocks and trees! You definitely need room to make kombucha- it’s takes over LOL! Thanks for reading u blog and leaving such lovely comments 😊


  4. Thanks for the follow! Your blog is inspirational; I’m at the point where I’m thinking about bringing little ones into the world, and I would like to ensure they have experiences like your children in this post. Excited to read about/learn from your future adventures!

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  5. What a blessing to have fun with family 😬 and looks like you had the day covered for adventure as well🤔😊
    Your bread looked delish… was it hard to make it? I’m trying to learn how to make yeast rolls and home made bread…
    I just recently retired and now ready to fill my days too learning new things🙃🦋

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    • Thank you- my family is a blessing to have😍! I would have walked right past that fish… but my daughter is always on the lookout for cool things! The bread is so easy- it’s a no yeast dough 🍞 that I feed everyday… like a little pet! I feel as the kids grow older, I have more time to myself too- to learn new things… it’s kinda weird but I’ll get used to it 😉


  6. I was actually thinking about you earlier in the week – wondering why I hadn’t seen any posts. I understand needing some time off to get “peace” in the home, but I did miss hearing about your adventures. Sounds like you had an exciting 3 months and today was a great day…..dead fish and all.

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    • Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts! We were focusing on new family rhythms… but now we are ready to jump back into the wild and focus on God’s great wild outdoors 🙂 How have you and Tippy been doing?

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      • We’ve been doing great! Thanks for asking. Tippy loves the cooler weather.

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  7. Hey girl! Where’s a picture of your new pink frames???

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    • I tried to put a picture in the comment, but I can’t 👓 ! The asses are a dark maroon- but there is a stop of pink across the top (as well as the inside). They kinda show up as not pink in pictures LOL- but they really are! 🤓

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      • Aha! I was wondering if they were all pink or if that was a hint of pink I saw nice 👌🏾

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