Persimmon butter… and running a mile… and losing weight

The kids and I ran a fun run mile this morning at Josh’s work. They got 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th place!

I had big plans to beat my kids at the race!

I’ve been successfully dieting (I’ve lost 10 pounds) and exercising! I’ve been drinking the cheaper Aldi version of SlimFast and running and lifting weights every morning before the kids get up!

Even though the kids blew me away during the race, I was way faster (by 1 minute and 20 seconds) then I normally am. So that’s a win for me!

This afternoon Josh and I went on a date Persimmon Tree hunting!! And we hit the jackpot!!

We found over 5 pounds of fruit!

I decided to just make a freezer jam- meaning, I didn’t need to actually “can” it.

I washed the persimmons and pulled off the stems. Then I started boiling it down in a large pot. As it cooked down, I pulled out about a million seeds!!!

Each persimmon had 6 seeds!!!

This took forever!!! 😳

Then I took an immersion blender and blended the pulp.

Then I added 1 1/4 cups sugar and sprinkled nutmeg on it!

I’d have to say this is more like persimmon butter then anything!

These are going into the freezer for about another month cause I’m not cheating on my diet! (I’ve got 8 more pounds to go)

… but then I’m making my homemade bread and am going to enjoy this with a big cup of coffee!!! Now that’s worth waiting for!

… I also have plans to come back to this heavy loaded tree!

I’m hoping by next week these will have fallen and I can make actual Persimmon jam to can!!


  1. Sounds like a great day! Congrats on losing 10 pounds! The jam looks amazing!


  2. You are looking like my very good friend! 😃


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