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Making peppermint infused coconut oil for oil pulling and why I’m wearing the same dress for a month!

Wow! Now that’s a title! LOL πŸ˜‚ I’ve been AWOL again so I figured I better interest ya’ll real fast! So, what should I talk about first? The oil pulling or the dress? The Dress… I’ve been wearing the same beautiful white dress for 9 straight days now… I mostly wear an apron over it …

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Upcycled jeans sewn into fishing pole cases

The kids and I are going to learn how to fish this summer. 🎣 We will be taking 5 different classes as well as practice at our local park! We have attempted to fish before… Β BUT …we hardly ever caught anything and our poles kept breaking apart and getting tangled together 😡 So- yesterday we …

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