Monthly Archives: September, 2018

Persimmon butter… and running a mile… and losing weight

The kids and I ran a fun run mile this morning at Josh’s work. They got 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th place! I had big plans to beat my kids at the race! I’ve been successfully dieting (I’ve lost 10 pounds) and exercising! I’ve been drinking the cheaper Aldi version of SlimFast and running and …

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Stuffed Animal Mix UPS

We just finished our first fun sewing project in the new basement Art Studio! We bought random stuffed animals at the Goodwill Outlet where everything is priced by weight… $0.99 a pound. Then the kids cut the arms, legs, and heads off the animals and sewed them together to make new crazy creatures! We had …

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Our Wonderful Waterways class

The kids took a class the other day at Forest Park! They spent the morning at Missouri’s first fish hatchery. It is no longer in operation but it’s neat to think about how, so many years ago, fish 🐠 were scooped into milk jugs and transported by train πŸš‚ across the state to various lakes …

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