Making WILD Memories with Cousins

My sister is literally driving across the country with her husband and four children because they are moving… which meant a stop through here in Saint Louis πŸ™‚

We had plans to go hiking today, but a popup rain storm this morning caused us to change our plans…A big thanks to another sister for allowing here house to be ransacked by kids… I mean thanks to my sister for hosting a bunch of family members. LOL

By mid morning, the rain had stopped, but there was a chill in the air.

So my dear hosting sister got out the makings for smores and started a campfire!

By early afternoon… the weather was in the 70’s!

YAHOO!! It was time for a walk – even if it was just going to be down a paved street!

We counted 10 bird’s nest along the drive.

All the kids wanted to see if there were eggs in the nest…. which there wasn’t.

Eli was very excited to see a paper birch tree – he ran up to it and grabbed “a piece of paper to draw a map on”!

After a block or so, we came to a small pond… which instantly drew the children to it!



We… were…going…in

One of my nieces was a bit nervous about entering the WILD…

… so I gave her a piggy back ride!

It didn’t take long before she jumped down and started exploring.

It was with great surprise and happiness that we saw a creek hidden behind the trees!

We stayed and played all afternoon… creating memories and bonding with cousins !!

It was not long before half the children here barefoot!

We saw this giant growth in a tree top and wondered if it was a mushroom.(?)

This curious hole had the kids guessing all the different kinds of animals that could live in it.

This cousin fished a crawdad leg out of the pond.

… and this cousin found some cool rocks.  I was pleased I could identify them as chert!

(as soon as we returned to the house, he got a bucket and washed his rocks… how cute is that!)

I started doing the happy dance when I happened to look down on the ground and saw a deer antler! This was on my list of things I would like to find someday… I was so excited that someday meant today!!

Everyone wanted to touch and hold the antler… and a few pretended to be a deer themselves!

I am so glad that the cousins were able to make such fun memories!

There’s not much things better in life than finding a hidden creek and playing in it with people you love!

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  1. So much fun! Did I count 12 cousins?

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  2. Best thing ever!

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  3. What a great day you all had. Few things are more fascinating for kids than running waters outdoors – especially if it’s on a kid-friendly scale.

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  4. Lovely! ☺️
    You guys have so much space and land over there!!! So different to here in the suburbs of the UK… X

    Liked by 1 person

    • We are lucky to have such a great parks and recreation department within our city! It’s one of those things I was taking for granted and not fully utilizing! It’s great fun exploring with my kids! Hopefully there are some parks you can visit nearby!!

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  5. This looks like it was an amazing time! I’ve lived vicariously through your big family πŸ™‚

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  6. I love exploring. Took my kids this week to a bluff off the Mississippi. We had a great time hiking through the unknown!


  7. What a great time, and lucky cousins (and family) to all have each other. I’m glad a WILD time was had by all!

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