A class on Nature Journaling

Nature Journaling in itself is easy and fun. Basically, you go out in nature, observe and draw!

Although the kids and I have done it before while inside  and sick … 


And I have sewn sit-upons to use while outside observing and drawing…


But when I heard there was a class at the Mo Department of Conservation- I signed us right up! I was curious as to how they would teach this!

First- we made upcycled journals 📓 with old calendar pictures!

Second- the instructor explained to the kids to write the date, the location, and the weather at the top of their journaling page.

Third- the instructor flew a mounted bird across the room. She had the kids describe it, after it had flown past. You don’t draw while you are looking… observe the animal and all it’s unique characteristics – then draw it!

Fourth- we got to go outside… with binoculars! We changed locations a few time!

Fifth- we drew!

* One neat drawing activity they had the kids do was called a sound map. You draw a map of all the sounds you hear- it was fun to try to draw the birds I heard – which was way more than I saw!


  1. Super cool! If you shoot me a copy of a sound map, can I include it with Green Spiral “Fly Way” maps in the future? – Jessie


  2. That is such a great idea. I especially love up-cycling old calendars to make the journals. Such a neat idea. You all look like you had a great time!


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