Sewing a “sit-upon” for nature studies

The kids spent another sick day at home yesterday…

… So in the time that they watched Kung Fu Panda, I sewed 5 sit-upons.

Sit-upons: something to sit-upon while outside.

This was a project I had been putting off because there was always something else to be done. So, I took advantage of the situation and decided to just make them already!

Here’s the lowdown on how to make them…

  • I used a plastic tablecloth per sit-upon.
  • I turned it inside out, sewed it up, leaving a hole to turn it right side out.
  • Turn it right side out
  • Top stitch around the whole thing, being sure to close the hole.
  • Sew a few lines from the edge to the middle to ensure that the two pieces lay together nicely.
  • Your done!

I surprised the kids this morning with their sit-upons, new journals and pencils!

They were so excited!  
Eddie wanted his bigger so I gave him mine.

Later today, I plan on sewing them together for him!

Since I no longer have a sit-upon (for now)… I sat on the swing with my HoneyBunny.

He was making owl calls… And we heard one call back to him!!

He shall now be called The Owl Whisperer! LOL

The kids did a great job drawing what they saw!

Eli even wrote by himself – it says “this is awesome”!

Andre asked Josh to take a picture of a bud opening on our Magnolia Tree…

It turned out beautifully! Hello SPRING!

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  1. Wonderful idea. Always enjoy visiting your happy universe.

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  2. I have been reading about how chairs are awful for our bodies. We tend to adapt to the chair and it causes lots of problems when we age. Anyway, it’s good to get kids out of chairs. I thought about having just cushions in our school room so the kids could sit on the floor and move around. Wish I would’ve done this when they were much younger. Oh well. Great idea!

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    • That’s interesting! Perhaps that’s why we tend to do activities on the living room couch. I’m short and my feet hardly touch the ground when I sit on a chair- so I believe the research! Looks like a sewing project may be in your future πŸ˜‰

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  3. I want and need one! Many times…oh so many times while photographing flowers, drops, mushrooms, or landscapes I’m on the ground on my knees, or belly. I’ve wanted a tarp that folds up easily, and fits in my bag for years! This would do it! I could have used yours today myself! My knees are filthy from being on them on and off while photographing flowers, plants, and landscapes today.

    Did each child pick their pattern? I’m going to have to look for a plastic tablecloth and break out the sewing machine. Hum…I think I know where it is. I haven’t brought it back in since we took it out to the garage while our remodel was in the works. A lot is still out there actually! πŸ™‚

    This post is being saved in my sewing folder. Thank you for sharing!

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    • That’s a great idea! I’m glad we can inspire each other… You just gave me a great idea! We have several digital cameras from before we had iPhones with cameras, and the kids could take them along our hikes. I hadn’t thought about using the sit-upons for that, but it’s a great idea… I can stuff them all into my backpack and they are very lightweight! Thank you for the fun idea!
      I found the Dino tablecloth at Target and knew the younger two would love it… when I went to family dollar they had theirs on sale for $2… And that’s how I chose the others LOL!
      This project would be easy to see and very much worth the effort in lugging out the ‘ol machine! Good luck 😊

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      • Oh yes the digital cameras probably have scene modes that include a macro one. Unless you get a specialized lens for the cell phone you just can’t create that shallow depth of field when shooting close ups and macros with a cell phone.

        FYI- The portrait scene mode can help with that too.

        I’m so glad we can inspire each other as well.
        #1 Grandson would love the Dino one. He’s 3 and loves Dinosaurs, and he’s just beginning to get into Superheroes. Spiderman is his first favorite, so either would be a great “sit upon” for him.
        I’d want mine in camo to blend in! πŸ™‚

        Hope everyone feels better soon. xx

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      • Thank you for the tips concerning camera settings! The kids will probably know more than I do after a few days LOL!

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      • They always do! πŸ™‚

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  4. those looks awesome. i may try making some myself.
    hope everyone feels better soon!

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    • Thank you 😊 They are so super easy to make and they come in handy for many outdoor events 🌸 my littlest (who had avoided the illness) was sick last night- but I guess he’s made a quick recovery because he is up and playing (Ohhhh to be young LOL)


  5. Awesome! Do you sell them on Etsy, too?

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  1. A class on Nature Journaling | Becoming a Wild Family

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