Liebster Award – and a bit about me

Thank you to the crafty mama at Hooked for nominating me for the Liebster Award. This fun award is passed on from blogger to blogger as a way to give a shout out to new blogs that you like and want to share!

This creative crocheter has already inspired me to take my yarn bag with me on hikes so I can crochet or knit while waiting for the kids to explore the landscape… or algae-filled creek!

***Part of the fun in this award is choosing 5 blogs that inspire me! This may be tricky as I am meeting so many wonderful bloggers – 5 is cutting it short! ***


The Thomas Times: A resource for homeschooling and natural living

Cobgoddess: Nature inspired creations,  Natural building, Home designs and Creating a sanctuary for the soul

Simple Steady Home: Finding simple joys in everyday life

A Bit Unorthodox: Unschooling; as an orthodox Christian

 Our Crazy Joyful Life: Parenting with Love and Learning through Life (another amazing unschooler)

Next I get to answer some questions that Hooked has asked!

1. What is your favorite color?

Teal, turquoise, aqua, blue-green… A color of many names!

2. What was the name of my first pet?

I found a small turtle when I was a teenager. I called him Pudding Pop because it was so fun to say! I painted a red line down his back and he would crawl around my mom’s front yard.

3. If you could marry  any film star who would it be?

David Attenborough – I would insist on being there for all his nature adventures!

4. If you could be any animal what would you be and why?

I would be a hummingbird! So sweet and beautiful – and they basically get to eat sugar all day! I especially want to be this humming bird that Andre drew for me!

5. What would your dream job be?

I’m living the dream now… But in the future, when my kids are grown, I want to work for our state’s conservation department teaching field trips!

6. If you could name yourself, what name would that be?

I absolutely love my name Amie Elna so I would keep it! ❀️

My first name is Ah-Me… It’s French for friend! My middle name is Elna, named after my dad’s mom… a Grandma I never got to meet!

A few years ago, I did a side-by-side comparison. My dad always told me I looked like his mom… and I’m proud to say I do!

7. What is your favorite pudding?

I guess it’s appropriate to refer to question number 2! Pudding Pop LOL!

We don’t eat pudding!

8. What is your favorite flower?

Dandelions! I never tire of being gifted these yellow bursts of sunshine just as my children never tire of picking them for me!

We’ve had an unseasonably warm winter, and my boys picked me these flowers on Christmas!! 

9. What hobbies do I have?

I like to sew, crochet and knit, hike or walk through the WILD, garden, and read aloud to my kids.

10. If I could meet anyone, who would it be?

Eddie Vedder! (Pearl Jam) ❀️🎢❀️🎢❀️🎢

I’d ask him to sing the sound track for Into the Wild and play his ukulele for me!

11 Random Facts about ME

I love my husband, Josh, to the moon and back again. you don’t see much of him in the blog because he is usually at work when we go on our WILD adventures.  He is always just a phone call or text away, though, so we keep him updated with what we do!

Josh is the one that introduced me to Unschooling πŸ™‚ He’s one smart cookie!

I am a very unsuccessful gardener, but I try really hard! This year, though, is going to be the year that we grow so much food, we have extra! (fingers crossed)

I love me some essential oils! I use them for everything!! My favorite is patchouli… I know, how hippy of me – LOL.

I don’t wear make up, or shoes (most of the time).

I can’t live without coffee! Eddie has been making me coffee for 2 years now and bringing it to me in bed!

I am a Sunday School teacher for the little ones in church (birth -4)

I ran a 1/2 marathon a few years ago

I come from a family of 10 kids and we are all still close even though there are hundreds of miles between some of us!

This is a picture of my 6 sisters and my mother (last year) – I’m the top right!

I get nervous if I have to talk to someone on the phone, and heaven forbid I have to go somewhere new by myself.

I count my blessings everyday and thank the Lord for them!

Questions for the nominated bloggers:

  1. Do you have pets?
  2. What’s the last thing you crafted/made?
  3. What’s your favorite season, why?
  4. What would your escape plan be for a zombie apocalypse?
  5. Would you rather hike on a concert path or dirt path? Why?
  6. What’s your favorite tree? Why?
  7. Favorite ice cream flavor?
  8. When in a beautiful garden, are you ever tempted to look for fairies… Just in case?
  9. Any gardening tips?
  10. Favorite book read aloud?

Well… That was a fun blog post to write! Especially since my children have the stomach bug today so no WILD Adventures for a day or two!

Thanks again to Hooked for nominating me!! Go check her blog out and the other bloggers I’ve nominated!! ❀️🌳❀️

Wild Family Facebook page 🌸


  1. I loved reading that and getting to know more about you! I hope your babies feel better soon and they don’t share the bug with you. X

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Amie I have fuzzy eyes right now because everything you wrote about yourself is like describing life with a Faerie. You are such a loving , beautiful person and your family is wonderful. I am so pleased to know you a little .
    And thank you for nominating me. I am overwhelmed.
    Who knew that by starting a blog I would meet so many other myself.

    Liked by 1 person

    • What a compliment! I ❀️ it! Thank you! I’m excited to read a bit about you 😊


  3. I’m so excited to have found your blog on my 1st day of blogging! jackpot!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love essential oils. Pudding pop!! Haha. And oh my you sisters look alike!


  5. Thank you for sharing! I see that I under-valued the dandelion in my daughter’s youth, but no more! πŸ™‚ I especially enjoyed the story about your first pet and your beautiful name.

    Liked by 1 person

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