Taking better bird pictures

I was given some great advice after my Northern Flicker post…

Place my camera-phone up to the binoculars to take better close-up pictures!

I have to say I skeptical because it seemed like such an easy solution and yet I didn’t think I was creative enough to figure out how to make it work! Silly, I know! How can something be both easy and hard at the same time!?

Well- I decided to give it a try and it works! It really is as simple as putting the camera up to the binocular eye-piece. But it is hard because you have to have a steady hand and lots of patience!

Regular picture zoomed into the bird feeder at a female cardinal…

Pictures through the binoculars…


This is so amazing!!! I plan on practicing during these cold days – we are practically home bound due to illnesses! I’m even going to have the kids practice taking pictures this way!


A tip of my own for binocular-users that wear glasses πŸ€“- put your glasses on a chain so you can drop them safely and quickly off your face with one hand while grabbing for your binoculars with the other hand!!

You can get them at the dollar store!!

So fancy… LOL πŸ˜‚


  1. Wow, I didn’t know you could do that! They also look kind of artistic, too. Cool!

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  2. The problem that you run into with all of that glass including the camera is the foggy effect and the pictures are not very clear.

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  3. Don’t they make a lens that fits on phone cameras. I thought I read about that somewhere.

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  4. I love them. Not sure I would have a steady enough hands, or be coordinated enough, to hold the binoculars in one hand and take a picture with the other hand. You did great! Are you going to participate in the Great American Backyard Bird Count this year? (BTW, check out my newest post. I got the quilt pictures included.)

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  5. afocal or digiscoping is what you’re doing! How exciting! I’d recommend a tripod for your binoculars and look for an adapter to mount your cell phone to an eyepiece of your binocs.

    Those images are great! I loved seeing the Cardinals. We don’t have them here.

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    • No cardinals?? I can’t imagine!!! I’ll remember not to take them for granted ☺️. I think I’m going to get a lens piece for my iPhone- and I think I saw one that came with a tripod!

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      • They aren’t west of the Rockies unfortunately. I hope one day to see one in person.

        I’m looking forward to seeing your results and hear your thoughts on the lens you get for your iPhone.

        I have a set of lenses for my iPhone, but I don’t use them often.

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