Walking on ice

Hurray for 50 degree weather!!!

Simone was away at a Girl Scout field trip (and she forgot to wear her vest, you know- the one I sewed all her patches on πŸ˜†) so I took the boys and Daisy to the park! β˜€οΈ

The boys claim their dreams came true today… because the pond was so frozen, they got to walk in it! Apparently, this is something they have always wanted to do!

And of course- I couldn’t resist going out on the ice (notice I was more cautious and didn’t venture far from the shore πŸ˜‰)

They boys are so sweet- on the way back they were talking about how much Simone would want to walk on the ice and that we should come back…. ❀️


  1. Is the water I see in the background just the top of the ice thawing? Mom and I once went out on our frozen farm pond. We were in the middle when the ice settled back down onto the water underneath. Scared us both nearly to death.

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    • Sorry Simone forgot the vest. Hopefully she’ll remember it next time. Looks like you all had a great time at the pond.

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    • Yes- the middle of the pond wasn’t frozen- we were careful not to go to far out… we may be wild but we’re careful! I sounded like a broken record- β€œget back to the edge… be careful”… LOL!

      I’m sure it was terrifying for you and your mom to hear the ice settling!!! Glad nothing bad happened!

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      • Don’t you wish you could record your voice sometimes and just play it over and over again so you don’t have to strain your voice! I feel like that when I’m working at the daycare. LOL Glad everyone stayed near the edge and you were wild but careful!

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  2. Great pics. Glad you had fun. I went skating a few years ago and had a spectacular fall resulting in 15 stitches above my left eye.

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