I will not let the weeds choke out my dreams…

My garden was beautiful… Several months ago!

But then the weeds started growing and growing and growing and I couldn’t pull them fast enough.

I. Gave.up!

I even told my husband that I was a failure at gardening and that I should just admit that and stop trying!

But… then a series of events happened within 24 hours that re-inspired me and gave me hope!

  • I was reading the “Raising a Wild Child” and it talked about the importance of gardens with children.
  • I got a yahoo alert about contamination in yards near a park my children like to play in.  
  • I already knew the park was involved in a national program to remove toxic waste from the soil and trees.

  • It was a grim reminder that there is poison in our city and I can’t ignore it😞 This enforced my resolve to grow organic food for my family!
  • Then a dear friend presented me with a  wonderful book yesterday – The Backyard Homestead

My soul was stirred!

I gathered the kids and told them we were going to go rescue the garden!

I brought the chickens to the garden for Bug Patrol!

Then we pulled and pulled and pulled weeds!

But, we were going to put them to good use…

The weeds would make great ground cover for the chicken yard!

The weeds would also make great bedding for the nesting box!

My eldest son worked tirelessly!

I know there is still much to do… but it is a great start!

I think we will be able to reclaim the garden from the weeds and begin anew in time for fall!

My son found a good omen… and ate it!

I take this as a sign that my garden really wants to thrive 🙂

Having my son pick a pepper and immediately eat it is an example of why I want to raise a bunch of wild kids…

and why having an organic garden it so important!


  1. I felt that same way here my first year. Fact was we were too busy building the house and all to pull weeds. I’ve learned some simple tricks here from the locals. First was no tilling. Nobody here has a tiller! We cut the grass down to the dirt with a weed eater and break the soil with a flat bar and put in a seed. After the plant starts to grow sprinkle a little nitrogen pellets around it and then hoe out the weeds every 3 or 4 days. Staying ahead of the weeds is work. Organic gardening is work! But it beats a real job! See us at panamaminute.wordpress.com I love this place!

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    • Thank you so much for the advice! It gives me a plan of action… I know I can’t pull all the weeds that had become an overgrown mess! I will definitely check out your blog! Thanks again!!!

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      • Once it’s all under control its so nice to work in the garden an hour or so. No panic, just peace. Thanks for looking. Enjoy the day


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