Weeding the garden day #2


My husband had suggested using a weedwacker on the weeds, but I was unsure – should I be yanking each weed up by the root?

Then Jiminpanama at panamaminute.wordpress.com gave me some words of advice: use a weedwacker on those weeds, no need for me to till (hooray) and just to leave the clippings on the ground!.

Sooo… I was to use a weedwacker for the first time… but I had no idea how.

I called my husband who told me I must wear shoes and pants 😦

(I have a short post on my other blog Kindcotton about mowing the yard barefoot)

(Click the picture to see the post)

So anyway: I was determined to whack the heck out of these bad boy weeds.

…except I couldn’t start the stupid thing!

I wanted to cry!

I asked my son to help… but we still couldn’t do it!

However, my husband is a sweet man, and he told me he would weedwack the garden when he got home from work.

And he did!  

After working a 12 hour day, he came home and immediately started shredding the weeds.

Halfway done! and a promise to be taught how to use the weedwacker 🙂

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