Making time

I really had to make time today to get the kids out to explore the wild!

The day was busy with swim team practice from 9-10.  Home to eat a second breakfast because they worked up an appetite!

Math and reading were completed and  then outside to play in the back. (Garden watering and weeding were done at this time).

Kids begged to go back to the pool, outside free swim this time!

Brrr…. Was it cold!!!

Home to eat again and watch a YouTube video on drawing leaves.

Finally we Run around getting ready for baseball games.

We end the day with just enough time to go to the park for 40 min 🙂

Part of me wanted to stay home and clean up the rest of the dishes, finish the laundry and vacuum! However, I needed to prioritize what is important in life!

Getting the kids out to explore and be in nature and experience it everyday is my family goal! And we did it again today!

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