Fishing 🎣 

We took a community fishing class today! And we were all successful!! 😁 🐟 





I even caught a small fish. I held it tightly while someone helped me remove the hook!! I was quite brave… but I may have squealed each time it wiggled in my hand!!  πŸ˜³πŸ˜†


  1. Love this. I grew up fishing, but don’t go much anymore. Some of my favorite family memories are from fishing trips. Each spring, Mom and dad would keep us out of school one day for a fishing trip. What a treat that was!

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    • That sounds amazing!! We are actually at a lake right now- the kids are fishing before swim practice… Eddie got a nibble which was exciting- but other than that- it’s been a quiet morning!

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      • Fishing is very relaxing, with a little excitement thrown in when you catch one and the adrenaline kicks in.

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