Bird banding and forestry 

Last week was seriously a busy week of teacher education through The Missouri Department of Conversation! 

On Monday, I – along with several other homeschool mothers, attended a workshop on how to teach the MDC’s science curriculum – Discover Nature Schools

I attended the workshop for grades 3-5 with the intent to teach these grades during our weekly coop classes!

Anyone can order the curriculum through MDC for free, and if your a teacher at a “real” school and attended the workshop, you qualify for a grant so you can have the science supplies needed… unfortunately homeschool coops aren’t “real” schools so despite our 8 teachers in attendance – none of us can apply for the grant 😪 hopefully someday we will be seen as “real” educators, teaching “real” students!

Anyway- the workshop was great!  We appreciate the free curriculum and I look forward to teaching it this next year!!


The real fun was on Thursday!! 

The World Bird Sanctuary was banding birds at Powder Valley  and we got to see and hear how it was done! 

There were four different birds caught in the net and banded.

I got to release the first bird- a Eurasian Sparrow!

It was difficult for my friend to get a good picture- the bird flew off quickly… the picture does show just how geeky I am and how excited I was to hold and release the sparrow!

Later that day- a master forester came and taught us about trees and forest management.

We learned how to identify trees… there are certain characteristics to look for like 

  • Compound or simple leaf
  • Alternate or opposite branches
  • Leaf shape
  • Bark design and color

We also learned how to survey a land – count and measure trees and take a core sample of the tree to determine age!

I asked a million questions, learned a ton of information and am just so excited about nature! I love becoming a wild family and I can’t wait to teach everything I learned to my children… and others 😍


  1. I love nature too. I guess that is why I majored in Biology in college. It looks like you had a great week of learning. I’m sure you will be a great teacher of these subjects! Again, I think they should recognize the co-ops as “real” schools.

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