Window screen turned herb dryer 🌿 

I’ve basically given up on a traditional garden. This year I gave the kids some garden boxes and plants- and they have been successful!

I, on the other hand, am working on establishing an herb garden! I’m so excited to grow plants that have such health benefits! Also, herbs are easy to grow and most come back every year- bigger then before!!

The oregano 🌿 I planted three years ago is huge! 

I also have oregano in the front garden, so I decided to cut the backyard oregano and dry it.

I remembered that when we bought our new front door, it came with a screen. We have never used the screen nor do we plan on it… our dog would run right through it!!

So… I decide to use the large screen as a drying rack for the oregano!

Now, I just wait for the sun to work its drying magic β˜€οΈ and soon we will have dried oregano for our pastas and pizzas πŸ•!

I have room in my herb garden to grow more… I need some plant ideas! What’s your favorite herb?


  1. Great idea! I don’t grow herbs, so I’m no help. Sorry.

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  2. My husband recently got a whole stack of used windows to build a green house for me. Well, they came with a bunch of screens. He was going to toss them away, and I was like “Nooooo!” I snatched them away from him. I am currently drying mint. My next batch will be Hyssop. If you have extra screens, put them on top, it will add like a lid/weight in case a wind comes up.

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  1. Window screen turned herb dryer 🌿  β€” Becoming a Wild Family – A Plus Breezy Screens

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