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Chicken Math

Chicken Math is the idea that, since you can never tell if you’ve hatched a hen or a roo, you raise some extra chicks to ensure you have enough girls for your flock! When we got our chicks from our friend, we originally wanted two or three- but we were explained chicken Math and encouraged to …

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Window screen turned herb dryer 🌿 

I’ve basically given up on a traditional garden. This year I gave the kids some garden boxes and plants- and they have been successful! I, on the other hand, am working on establishing an herb garden! I’m so excited to grow plants that have such health benefits! Also, herbs are easy to grow and most come back …

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I made our wooden Knife-Throwing Target

I did it! I made my first carpentry project! Despite only having a picture and a dream to go on… It’s sturdy It’s made out of repurposed wood I did it by myself 😊 Eddie helped me with the final details… Now, I just need to order some knives from Amazon so we can practice …

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