Did you fall into a mud puddle??

My husband came home from work today to muddy shoes lining the walkway…

And he asked me, “What happened today? Did you fall into a mud puddle?”

“Kind of?!” I replied…


It started as a hike into the woods with our neighbor…

First they found a toad 🐸

(Who needs a bug catching box when your wearing a baseball cap – LOL)

When we came to the creek the kids decided to build a bridge across the water…

Which naturally meant- the bridge had to be tested! πŸ™ˆ

… and as you can see- the bridge was a bit… wobbly…

… The ground on the other side of the bridge was VERY muddy!!! 

And Simone kinda purposefully sank deep into the mud…

… video of Simone digging herself out…


Then everyone wanted to get in on the muddy action (of course!)…

Simone then wanted to take a mud bath…

Squeaky clean – well mostly!

And that is how the kids kinda fell into a mud puddle! πŸ˜‚


  1. LOL! What fun!

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  2. Love it. Nothing better that playing in the mud on a summer day. You are a great mom for encouraging creativity and fun.

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  3. hahaha looks like fun!

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  4. Love love love

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