Going On A Feather Hunt Β 

We went on a hike today through a patch of Wild where known wild turkeys live! 

Elijah was the lucky one- he spotted a turkey… Which immediately started running away! LOL…πŸ¦ƒ

So the kids went looking for it… Without finding him! Andre even climbed some vines to get a better view! No turkey!

We decided to look for feathers instead… And found quite a few!

We found them amongst leaves and twigs- perhaps they got caught while the turkey was walking through the underbrush!

Can you spot the four hidden feathers?

Elijah also found his next home! 

We found an abandoned shelter… Which Eli thinks would make a perfect place to live when he grows up!

I was super excited to find a tree that an owl must frequent because we saw lots of Owl Poop!!

How can we tell it is Owl Poop? Because there’s so much of it LOL!!

I stated that finding owl poop was just as exciting as seeing an owl… But no one else agrees with me! πŸ˜‚

I loved watching Andre and Eli pretend to fly with their feathers!

I think we were WAY TOO LOUD to really see the wildlife hiding amongst the leaves and trees!  

We did however catch a toad! 🐸

The kids have some great craft-ideas for their turkey feathers!!


  1. What beautiful feathers!
    We have a jar we collect feathers in, but nothing as spectacular as those!!

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  2. You can find fun anywhere you look! This gets 4 F’s, Fantastic Family Fun with Feathers!

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  3. I love to find feathers too. We have a lot of wild turkeys where I live. Before I got Tippy, they would roost in the trees near my house. I still hear them occasionally, but I think they have decided a dog’s house is not the safest place to sleep. LOL

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