DIY Flower Press 🌺 

I made a Nature Journal/ Recipe Book to keep track of all that I’m learning concerning herbs and weeds and natural remedies!

Yes- I have a laminator and a book binder! I realize this makes me a nerd and a half πŸ€“


I want to be able to place pressed flowers in the journal to help with plant identification… so I made a flower press this morning. 


1. I cut two pieces of wood the same size 

2. I used my wood burning kit to decorate  the front and back of the press…

3. I cut cardboard pieces and paper the same size of the wood

4. I hot-glued Velcro to two ribbon πŸŽ€ strips which secures the press together

5. The fun begins… I get to find flowers and leaves to press and preserve!

I’m super excited to begin my flower/leaf collection! 


  1. We did something similar to the flower press when I was in college for a biology class. I love the title of your little book, esp. the subtitles!

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  2. Your wood burning skills are impressive! How fun this project is. I can’t wait to see your dried flowers, and herbs.

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  3. I inherited a cardboard box full of pressed flowers. Now searching for things to make using them.

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    • 😍 old pressed flowers! I’m sure you’ll create something beautiful with them 🌺

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      • Ideas are flowing. Adding a dash of felt tip pen to the faded ones me thinks prior to use. Thinking of making small useful things more pretty, for the local florist to sell. We will see.

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      • Great idea thanks! 🌺

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      • I don’t think these as pressed flower cards would travel too well, hence the local florist. My daughter in law has suggested putting them in some sort of plastic dangle thing as jewery (right that;s it the spell checker thing kept telling me florest is wrong and I keep changing it to florist, but not jewery as well!!! wordpress spellchecker you are being too judge~mentals before breakfast). {{{giggles}}}

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  4. What a great outcome! I love the customization with the wood burning. I’ll have to share my plant press wall on my blog sometime soon – it’s a collection of my favourite presses.

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