Wild Acres Park

We went to Wild Acre park with the challenge of finding more wild flowers than my sister, Sonja, and her family did.  We ended up discovering way more than just beautiful flowers!! 🌺

Sonja had sent me a text the other day with some photo collages of 20 wild flowers she had found on a hike with her husband and children in upper Michigan!

She said my blog had inspired her… and in turn she inspired me to take the kids on a flower hunt!!

We just happened upon this park… I tried going to a specific store and it happened to be closed just for today- of course LOL! So I checked my Map App for parks nearby and voila… Wild Acres Park showed up!

I came prepared with a Missouri Wild Flower book but we didn’t use it… We just kept seeing too many new and exciting things!!

A bike parking sign that was just begging to be sat upon…

A real LIVE cicada!

… and a few yards down the path…

A cicada shell/ shedding!

And then… We saw a GIGANTIC wasp or hornet (I don’t know exactly) carrying a dead cicada!!

Soon we had diverted off the path and I found the ONLY dandelion in the park!

I zoomed the camera into the flower… And discovered that it was actually covered in ants!!

In the dandelion video, you can hear Simone frantically calling to me… Because she had found a rabbit burrow!

Today was Simone’s lucky day because she then found two owl pellets!!

We kept searching the area for more signs of an owl… And Andre found a small skull!

As we were looking up at the trees for a hopeful owl sighting…

…we heard a Blue Jay...

And Lucky Simone found one of its feathers!

At the end of our walk we decided to count the different flowers we found…

And I don’t know!!!! 

I can’t tell which flower is what and if it’s the same as another LOL!!! πŸŒΊπŸ˜³πŸŒΊπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ so I can’t take an accurate count!

So – Sonja and her family wins the Wild Flower Hunt!! 

Good Job🌸 and thanks for inspiring us to get out into the WILD πŸ’œ


  1. Such a fun walk thanks for sharing their treasures.

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  2. Fantastic day πŸ™‚

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  3. Inspiration xs2! Love this post. Went to school in MI, so happy to see some flowers from there and the rest of these images are fab, especially the on with the close-up of the flower/ants.

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    • Yay! Thanks!! I’ll tell my sister (and her daughters) you liked her flower pics… The little girls will get a kick out of that!! I was dos surprised to see so many ants on such a small flower… I hadn’t even noticed they were there!

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  4. Sonja

    We may have won the wild flower hunt but I think your hike was much more eventful with all those awesome treasures you saw! I love the video of you all screaming from the bug/wasp crawling on the pavement ! LOL! Thanks for always inspiring me to get out in the wild!


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