Gardening Class 🌿 πŸŒΊ

We went to a class with Gateway Greening about fall vegetables and cover crops!

The class was very informative- basically I’m not ready to plant fall plants but I do know what to do next year!

The best part of the morning was being inspired by all the garden beds within the community garden sections!

I’m not sure what kind of insect this is- but it’s the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen!

It looks like porcelain with painted flowers!

So- now I have big plans to expand my garden… for next year!

The most important thing I learned today was that I need a cover crop for the winter. That way when the frost kills the cover crop, it can be mulched back into the soil!

So much gardening to do!!! 🌸 πŸ… 🌢 🌿

Good thing homeschool doesn’t start till after labor day!!! 😁


  1. this is so wonderful blog and presentation!!

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