Johnson’s Shut-ins Wet and Wild fun

The first time we took the kids to Johnson’s Shut-ins, they were strapped in life jackets and wore swim shoes. Josh and I would follow them around repeating “be careful” and “watch out”!

Oh how time has changed things.

Life jackets and swim shoes weren’t a requirement and Josh and I watched our kids and niece from various rock seats.

(It was a cool 71 degrees with mild rain 🌧– way too cold for me to get wet!!)

From the Shut-ins we went to elephant rocks 🐘 which has huge granite boulders to climb. With the rain we didn’t climb much but it’s always impressive to see!

As a fun treat we went to the ice cream shop as we drove back into the city!

My reward was buying two patches to two of my favorite Missouri State Parks!

Most children have gone back to school! Not us 😁 #longlivesummer #homeschool


  1. Looks like a really fun day! Definitely one of the perks of home schooling!

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  2. Looks awesome!

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