Zero waste also means giving old clothes new life

Skirt # 1

I have this skirt that kept ripping at the lace seams.

One day my mother spend 1/2 hour sewing the tiny holes for me and then said, “you better wear this a lot!”

I promised her I would, and then promptly got a tear in the lace that simple mending wouldn’t fix 😳 oops!

But I love the skirt and appreciate the work my mom put into mending it for me so I decided to patch my skirt… and make it even more fabulous 😍

  1. I cut reptiles out of a piece of fabric my sister had given me (thanks Solveig!)
  2. I pinned the adorable lizards and skinks and geckos onto my skirt
  3. I sewed them on with green accent thread

Helping me model my new skirt is our bearded dragon Hagrid

Skirt # 2

I ripped my purple skirt one day (and got a nasty bruise) when it got caught on a nail.

I sewed a panda 🐼 patch on the hole, and then I sewed another one on the other side just because pandas are so cute! πŸ’•

* I also made the purple flower vest. I got it as a jacket from the goodwill outlet and I cute the arms off of it. I also stitched the side seam smaller so it would fit better.


  1. sharann

    Super cute!!!! It’s like real-life Ms. Frizzle fashion from the Magic School Bus. She always had the best outfits.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Very creative. I love the flowered vest!

    Liked by 1 person

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