My she-shed herbal workshop camper πŸŒΏ

About 5 years ago, my husband got me a vintage camper for my birthday! The kids helped me clean it up and it became a backyard play house!

As the years have gone by, the kids stopped playing in it and I began to dream of the possibilities…


And this was the summer to finally remodel the camper!!

I had been successful in both creating and maintaining my herb garden and veggie garden!

I wanted a place where I can learn about herbs and their health benefits and store ingredients to homemade products. I wanted a beautiful place just to sit in and be inspired by nature!


First, I worked on the seating in front of the camper. That was the easy part!


Then it was demolition time! πŸ”¨πŸ”¨πŸ”¨


Josh did the hard work of removing the stove and cutting pipes! He even built me two benches to cover the wheel covers!

I spent time painting, laying carpet squares, and rearranging furniture until everything became absolutely perfect!!! πŸ’•


Last night Simone and her cousin Grace helped me harvest herbs from the garden which are now drying in the camper.

πŸ’œ lavender πŸ’œ

Basil 🌿

Simone plucked all the leaves off of the stems for me!

πŸ’š Sage πŸ’š

The sage is in the camper (dry from today’s rain) ready for the kids and I to make sage smudge stick!

I can’t wait to use this as an outdoor classroom with the kids!

There is so much homesteading to learnΒ – from successful gardening to canning and making jellies to outdoor cooking – and this seems like the perfect place to do that at!Β 


  1. Brilliant.

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  2. Love it! I love that the kids first used it for a playhouse. That would have been so cool. And now, for you to use it for what you love. Just amazing. It looks great!

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  3. What an idea! The renovation is absolutely beautiful!

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  4. Gretchen

    your camper is too cute. I just purchased a 1972 dutch camper that I am starting to redo. I am so excited. Thanks for all the great pictures. This was very inspiring for my own camper project.


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