Becoming a wild family

When I first started this blog years ago, I had decided to document our adventures in becoming WILDfirst blog post

Wild as in being outside.

Wild as in loving to learn about nature.

Wild as in being barefoot

and climbing trees  

and getting muddy

and catching bugs and toads!

Wild as in having an untamed heart that loves being in nature!

Image may contain: 4 people, including Josh Myers, people smiling, people standing, tree, plant, outdoor and nature

I’ve done a poor job in staying updated on my blog.

Life starts to get hectic and before you know it, half a year has gone by!!

(Where does the time go??)

To catch up on the summer so far, here are some of the WILD things we have done…

Foraged for cattails – the kids helped peel them and even ate a bite of the roasted root!

Completed a very successful swim team season! Go Barracudas!!

Went fishing a few times

The boys joined a juggling club and a unicycle club

We’ve taken up skateboarding (except for Simone who likes to rollerblade).

Got my first sport’s injury! A sprained wrist 😖 (yes, from falling off the skateboard)

We adopted a ferrel cat’s kitten! His name is T’Challa (after Black Panther)

Simone and I went hammock camping!


What I have truly missed is documenting our adventures!

It’s so neat to look back on life as told through pictures and my narrative!

Thank you for reading my blog and joining us in our adventures.

I’m looking forward to continue our journey in becoming A WILD FAMILY!!


  1. Being outdoors and spending time with your family is awesome. Fond memories to share when your children get older.

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  2. I do miss your blog when you are away, but totally understand. I am horrible at keeping up on mine too. Love all of the things you have done this summer. I’ve always wanted to learn to juggle! WTG boys! Sorry about your injury. Hope it is healed already. I tried roller skating in my 30’s and broke my elbow. That was the end of that for me. LOL Hammock camping looks very comfortable!

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    • Yikes! You broke your elbow! My wrist hurt super bad but I can finally open a jar of pickles with both hands LOL! Hammock camping was amazing! I loved sleeping outdoors!! It is so sweet to hear from you, can’t wait to read what Tippy has been up to!!

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      • Breaking my elbow was an experience. And, I didn’t even hit it. I fell backwards and put my hands down to catch myself. It jammed so hard, that it broke the elbow and not my wrist, somehow. I had to use it as much as possible from the beginning, which wasn’t much as I couldn’t move it at all. It took 8 months of rehab before I could straighten up my arm out all of the way. So glad that your wrist is doing better! It’s hard when you don’t have the function of both hands. I do need to write a blog about Tippy soon. I have several I’d like to do. Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures.

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  3. My blog lacks as well. Glad to see updates when you can. 😊

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    • Tor so sweet! I enjoy seeing your Facebook posts – I’ve been thinking of you with the fires so close! Hope all is well!


  4. It sounds like your life is full of busy times. Family/youth can make a hectic schedule on top of other responsibilities. I am glad to know you are all good with mudd between the toes!

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