Not just dreaming about my garden….

Yesterday I was dreaming and scheming about my herb garden 🌿

I was taking notes while my kids were at kid’s ministry at church.

Today… I got to work weeding and improving my herb garden in the back yard!

Last year I planted a ton of perennial plants and encircled them with rocks. So today, I weeded around the circles.

I also wanted to have have a permanent solution to these dang weeds- so I covered the ground with black trash bags!

…Just wait till tomorrow when I put straw everywhere… it’s going to look amazing and be ready for a fantastic spring and summer ☀️!!!


Eddie built me a garden box for spinach!!

And Simone cleaned the chicken coop!

Hooray for warm weather ❤️☀️🌱


  1. It’s looking good. Warm weather in the middle of winter is always a wonderful thing. It makes you long for spring and makes you get out and do something. Eddie seems to be a great carpenter and Simone was so sweet to clean out the chicken coop. Hope you have a few more warm weather days ahead.


  2. R. Jane Bowen

    It’s lovely to see how the garden is going along with the planning.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. lfish64

    I grew up on a little farm in Utah. I miss having all the fresh fruits and vegetables and wonderful herbs.


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