Homemade bird feeder

Yesterday was a beautiful day!

60 degrees in January!!

And Eddie spent the day building in the backyard! He was sawing and drilling…

Today he he hung up his handy-work!!

He built me a bigger bird feeder!! 😍😍

He was very happy to see six birds eating from his feeder at once!!!


  1. That is an awesome looking feeder he did a great job !

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  2. What a great son and he did a wonderful job. Can’t believe he’s out there without shoes, though.

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  3. It’s lovely that you’ve got your kids to enjoy the outdoors and nature. So important, I’m so grateful to my Mum for inspiring me to love nature and the outdoors like I do now.

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  4. Nice job!

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  5. Well done. You are such a good mom to encourage him to be outside, to build, to be creative. That’s awesome!


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