Eagle watching… and an up close and personal owl!

We went to an official eagle watching event today at Fort Bellefontaine.

They had a telescope set up directed at both a mature bald eagle and a juvenile eagle. πŸ¦…

The eagles were across the river about a mile away… so there was no way I could get a picture!


We did see a beautiful owl up close!!


My heat was so excited to see this beautiful owl!!!

At first there was confusion about the type of owl. A ranger told me it was a snowy owl- how cool would that be… but it’s a barred owl. The park had brought in a snowy owl guest and the ranger didn’t realize I had seen a wild owl and had assumed I was talking about the guest of honor!!!

I missed seeing the snowy owl somehow- he was in a tent we didn’t go to- but that’s ok- I love seeing animals in the wild!!! πŸ¦‰


  1. I saw a handful of owls on my last hike in the Hickson Forest outside La Crosse, Wisconsin. It was an evening hike that took me high into the bluffs on a day when temperatures were already heading below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. It was a great an truly memorable hike. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get any photos of the Owls.


  2. Very cool that you got to see the eagles and the owl. I love bird watching. I really need to get back into it.

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  3. Sounds like a wonderful day! You had a good look at that Barred owl too! I saw a short eared owl this morning but it was so well camouflaged with branches that I have no hope of having a decent image.

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  4. Owls are incredible! It feels so magical to be near one. I think yours might be a Barred Owl? Maybe not? A snowy would be amazing. Here the Snowies are white (because of snow) but maybe they are different in your neck of the woods.

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    • It is a barred owl. I was gushing about the owl I saw so close and at the front entrance- the park guide and everyone else was all excited about seeing a snowy owl- so I assumed we were talking about the same owl! LOL! Little did I know there was a captive snowy owl in a tent!


  5. lfish64

    So fun to have wildlife near by.


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