Monarch tagging 

We got to be citizen scientists today! 

We went to The Weldon Springs Interpretive Center where we learned how to catch a butterfly so it can be tagged!

Edison caught the first butterfly… in fact he caught two at once!

Simone was overjoyed when she finally caught her butterfly!!

Andre was sneaky and quiet which helped him catch his butterflies.

Eli caught an imposter butterfly (one that mimics the monarch) which he thought was exciting!

But when he caught a monarch, Eli was very proud!!

I was ecstatic when I caught a monarch! It was a thrill knowing it would be flying all the way to Mexico 🇲🇽!!!

We even got to see a monarch caterpillar in the wild!!!  🐛 


  1. We have truly enjoyed the monarchs this year too! Aren’t they beautiful and amazing?


  2. natalieshoemaker thought of you and your blog when i signed our family up today. have you heard of this? basically, you get matched up with someone from another part of the country and you swap nature finds. such a neat thing!


  3. What a fun experience!!


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