Craft fair

Simone had been busy all summer making Shrinky Dink Jewelry – necklaces and earrings…

… and today was the big day- where she sold her creations at a craft fair!

She designed all her jewelry… some earrings she drew free-hand like the emoji’s and Pokémon, others she traced like the Mickey and Minnie combo!

She hung the earrings on an old chicken-coop gate!

The necklaces varied from flowers, to ice cream to super hero logos!

Simone’s hard work paid off as she made about $20!! 🤑

☀️ ☀️☀️️☀️️☀️️☀️️☀️️☀️️☀️️

The boys wanted to get in on the money-making… so they did magic tricks for tips!

They made almost $10 in tips!!!

And now I am exhausted… and the kids have money burning a hole in their pockets LOL!!


  1. Simone did a great job! They all look wonderful. Great initiative on the boy’s parts too. LOL

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