Smudge sticks… incense from herbs 🌿 

Smudge stick (according to Wikipedia):

A smudge stick is a bundle of dried herbs, often bound with string and usually rather small. The herbs are later burned as part of a ceremony or ritual. 

(I plan on burning mine while meditating and praying, studying for my ASL classes and  cleaning the house. I would like to light candles to set the mood and to give off good scents but I don’t trust what’s in candles… I think using organic plants is a much better option!)

I’ve been wanting to make smudge sticks all summer but I was intimidated.  

What if I did it wrong and wasted a bunch of herbs? 

I was also overwhelmed with the choices.

Which plant should I use? How many? Should I combine them? What if it smells bad together? What if it smells great together but I did it wrong and wasted the plants?

You get the picture… I was overthinking the process and procrastinating!

Since Josh was off yesterday, I asked him to help me… so he Googled it and walked me through the process 😍 it was quite romantic 😘

My first smudge stick ever made… mint! (Because we have an over abundance and it smells amazing!!)

Making smudge sticks is so easy!! I need to say I haven’t burned one yet so… that will be another experience! 

I’ll show you how to make one (or more) but we have to wait about 7 days for them to dry out. So in a week I’ll post about burning a smudge stick because I’m quite curious how it’ll work.


Now go cut some herbs! 

  • Some common garden varieties… Mint, Sage, Basil, lemon grass, Rosemary, Oregano, Catmint, Lavender…

I’m going to demonstrate making a smudge stick with Rosemary and catmint.

I’m choosing Rosemary because it improves memory! I plan to burn this while I’m practicing my ASL!

I’m choosing to pair it with catmint because I have lots of it, it smells sweet, and it has calming qualities!

1. Cut some stems off your plant. 

(Tiger 🐱 discovered the catmint immediately!)

2. Trim the stems to be around 7 inches. I’ve got about 12 catmint stems and one Rosemary.

3. Cut some hemp twine and tie a knot around the bottom of your bundle. The hemp length is about 4x as long as the stems.

4. Wrap the twine up and down the bundle… ending with another knot.

5. Let it dry for 7 days before lighting it!


…post to be continued next week when we light it!! πŸ”₯ 


  1. I bet it smelled amazing just making the smudge sticks. I’ve only purchased mine; white sage. I am looking forward to reading about your burning experiment. I hope it works well!

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  2. It looks great. Hope burning it is calming and memory enhancing, as you want it to be.

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  3. Thank you for the post! I recently started smudging sage but did want to make my own! I bet all of.those smell hreat!!

    Liked by 1 person

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