Kombucha vinegar toilet bowl cleaner 🚽 

I was gifted some kombucha tea that had been brewed waaaay too long and it had turned into kombucha vinegar.

And boy did it stink to high heaven!

I didn’t want to just throw out the vinegar, so I decided to try to use it as a cleaner…

I strained the vinegar –

– And put it into a spray bottle! I also added some germ-fighter (aka thieves) essential oil into it for two reasons… to make it antibacterial and to smell better! πŸ˜†

I tried it as a window cleaner… fail.

I couldn’t bring myself to use it in the kitchen because the STRONG vinegar smell is quite unpleasant!

So I thought, “what’s worse then a vinegar smell… oh I know, the only working toilet in the house! (Remember our other bathroom is being worked on!)

I’ll spare you the pictures of our tiny downstairs bathroom 🚽 but let’s just say- the kombucha vinegar cleaned it very well and cut through the stinky bathroom smell!

I found a natural solution that actually leaves the bathroom smelling… well not like a bathroom! 😊


Brewing my own Kombucha Tea 

I’ve made kombucha tea in the past- but wasn’t currently brewing any. I was super excited to get a healthy scoby to make my own tea!

  • First I brewed black tea and green tea- 5 bags of each with 1 cup of sugar. (You could brew the teas together, I jut didn’t have another large jar to do it it)

  • I combined the teas into a glass jar, and after it cooled I dropped in the scoby along with some “mother”.
  • “Mother” is original tea/vinegar 


  • I ended up pouring some tea into a smaller bottle with a piece of the scoby so I can ferment it longer to make more vinegar!
  • Finally I tied a dishcloth over the top

Now I wait!

I will put them in the pantry and wait…

… about 2 weeks for the tea and a month for the vinegar!

1 Comment

  1. Annatjie Coetzee

    I use the kombucha vinegar 1/2 liter and 1/2 liter water and put some nice smelling essential oil in, about six drops per liter and it works well!


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