The eclipse and other August happenings

The month of August has been BUSY and I haven’t blogged much- so I’m going to cram this post full of things we’ve done!


We drove two hours to Fulton Mo to watch the eclipse… and it was sooooo worth it!

The anticipation was fun- watching the shadow cross the sun… and when we got totality- we were clapping and cheering LOL!! Spending the eclipse with my family was so special- definitely a homeschool perk!


I saw a blue heron while walking my puppy-dog!


Clover is HUGE and needed to be moved from Simone’s room to outside. Simone helped put together a bunny hutch with some power tools!

Clover loves his new home!


Simone learned some carpentry skills and got power tool experience through Girl Scouts! She helped build a compost for the church where the meetings are held.


We joined a new church – Simone stood on  her tippy toes so she would be taller then me in our “new member” picture! πŸ˜†



The kids got haircuts!


I started my ASL classes… I was super nervous- but my fellow students and teachers are awesome!

The biggest thing happening around the house is we are getting a bathroom remodel! There was a leak that could only be fixed with a total pipe replacement which meant getting into the walls which meant tearing out the tile! 😳

Just a few more days and the bathroom will be finished!!!

Then I’ll show all the before and after pictures!! 😊😊😊😊


I’ll end this post with adorable cat pictures! We love our Tiger!

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  1. That WAS a very busy August. Mine was very busy as well. Love that you got to see the total eclipse. It was 98% here. Really enjoyed watching the moon move across the sun. So funny that Simone stood on her tippy toes to be taller that you. You can’t even tell it in the picture if you didn’t know. πŸ™‚ The haircuts all look great and your kitten is super cute!

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