Hummingbird: Sir Falcon Fighter

Journal entry #2

We walked out the front door – and saw a battle in the sky!

A hummingbird was flying after a Prairie Falcon right overhead! The Falcon flew into our neighbor’s tree where the hummingbird continued to harass the Falcon- dive bombing it a few times before squeaking at it and flying away!!

Seeing a tiny hummingbird chase, dive bomb, and yell at a much larger Falcon was AMAZING! I quickly got my binoculars and watched the Falcon in the tree before he flew away!

I got my nature journal bag out of the car and immediately sketched the experience!

Eli was surprised at my drawing and he sang sweet praise to me 😍 and then he drew his own picture!

Today was full of surprises!! This morning while the boys were out fishing, I saw something else unusual!

Journal #3 

A moth flew into a spiderweb. I moved closer to watch… when a wasp flew at the spiderweb… snatched the moth and flew away! I had no idea wasps robbed spiderwebs!!

The wild is full of amazing surprises! ❀️️


  1. So neat! And I love that you keep a nature journal as well!

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  2. How neat! You’re capturing the feeling, and sights in journal very well too! What a treasure you’re creating.

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    • Yay! 😊 thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m excited to actually be doing what I have dreamt of doing! Getting over the fear of not being good or not knowing what to write was hard- but nature keeps handing me amazing experiences to record in my journal!! 🌸

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  3. Wow, a hummingbird chasing a falcon! Sounds like when the little dogs bark at the huge dogs and those big dogs leave the little dogs alone. What a special day in nature you had. I was just in Ireland and was able to hold a falcon. They are very powerful.


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