On why bug repellent is so important on a hike

First of all- there is no picture of my hiking horror… I was in panic mode and the last thing I thought about was being calm and taking a picture!

With that said- I will tell my story!

The older kids and their friends took an archery class today at the conservation department. Another mom and I took Eli and two other children for a hike. I encouraged everyone to put on bug spray- but I didn’t use any because I don’t get bit by mosquitoes. (Yes, I’m lucky!)

Anyway- we were walking along a dirt path and I looked down… and there were at least 50 tiny ticks crawling up my both my legs! 

I about lost my mind! 😩

I wanted to crawl out of skin! 😡

At the sight of my very polka-dotted legs I almost vowed never to walk in the wild again

But I didn’t do any of the above things! 

I pulled out my library card and scraped the little boogers off! And my friend came to the rescue and sprayed me with her bug spray! I was checking my arms and legs for the rest of the hike – I found a few stray ticks trying to hang on- but in the end- I got them all off (I think)! 

The moral of the story is: 

Wear bug repellent on hikes!!!!!

(Ugh – I know I’m going to have nightmare tonight!!) 😱


  1. Oh my! I would have freaked out too. It sounds like you must have stepped in a nest of them. I’m not sure bug repellent would have kept them all off. Just thinking about ticks makes my skin crawl. Yikes. Hope you got them all off.

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  2. If you get the rash b/c one or more bit you you should go to the Dr. you don’t Lyme Disease!

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