Front yard birding

This isn’t our first time birding in the front yard, nor will it be our last!

We have an extensive bird feeding station that we keep full of tastey treats! And we are rewarded daily with a large variety of feathered friends! (But of course, none would pose for their pictures this morning!)

Simone drew a House Wren, Eddie drew a hummingbird, Andre drew a Kinglet, and Eli drew a sandpiper.

We were outside watching, listening, and drawing for an hour!

Simone’s House Wren is our favorite resident bird!

We have an apple birdhouse hanging from our magnolia tree where the mother House Wren is raising her second brood of babies! 😍

The House Wren sounds like a rattle snake! She was yelling at us all morning as she was feeding her babies!! We were able to watch her bring insects to her loud babies and then she would grab some of their poop from the nest and carry it away! Such a good  housekeeper!

House Wren yelling at me

I’m reading a new book “H is for Hawk”.

I read the first chapter yesterday and was intrigued by this paragraph, “Have you ever seen a hawk catch a bird? I’ve not, but I know it’s happened. I’ve found evidence… “(p.4).

I read those sentences and was instantly jealous! I’ve seen plenty of hawks, but none in action! Of course I don’t want to see a dead bird- but we all know hawks eat other animals! It would be really cool to see evidence of a hawk hunting in my yard!

And what do I see this morning… evidence of a predator!

I am sorry for the bird’s loss of life- but I love seeing proof of wildlife in my own backyard! 

And how neat that I experienced this obersavtion in relationship to reading the book! πŸ“šπŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ



  1. Did Eli really think he saw a sandpiper at your feeding station? That would be interesting. The wrens at my house are mostly Carolina Wrens, even though I have identified a house wren before. They’ll build a nest almost anywhere. LOL I’m glad that you got to see evidence of nature at work, but I too feel sorry for the prey. Several years ago, I was sitting outside and saw a bird swoop down and catch a bug off of a tree trunk not 10 feet from me. I think it was a kite, but I’m not sure.

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    • LOL! He had opened the bird book and immediately recognized a sandpiper as one he’s seen before… and he was right- just not at our house! They fly over our community pool which is just a block away and also at the park we frequent! I tried to explain we were drawing what we seen NOW but he had other plans πŸ˜‰

      I’ve seen Robins catch worms before- but that’s it! That would have been neat to see a bird swoop in on an insect!!!

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