Hiking in the rain ☔️ 

It’s raining today! ☔️ but that didn’t stop us from hiking! 🌲🌳🌿

The boys chose to just wear hats 🎩 but Simone and I wanted umbrellas 🌂 !

We didn’t really see or hear a lot in terms of animals… but the hike was relaxing and fun! 

Such a great way to start the day! 

Eddie found animal tracks- possibly raccoon. 

Eli saved a snail from a flooded ditch!

And of course Andre couldn’t resist playing in the mud!

The kids drew and wrote a nature journal entry today- in the comforts of our living room! 😆


  1. natalieshoemaker

    i love that you’re making this part of your daily rhythm! i decided to start slower and make sure it’s at least happening weekly at our house.

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  2. That is great. One thing about going in the rain, or right after, is the tracks in the mud. Maybe you could get some books to help you identify what they are. I love Andre’s picture playing in the mud. Reminds me of me in my younger days!

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    • So- you liked playing in the mud too, huh! I actually did just get a book about animal tracks!! Now I just have to remember to bring it with us!!

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      • I did like playing in the mud. Nothing like squishing it between your toes. 😉

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