making nature journals a habit

Today marks the beginning of a lifelong habit… purposefully going into the wild -daily- to journal about nature.

We brought our art supplies, clipboards, sun umbrellas, and a blanket!

I set the timer for 15 minutes and we all drew and colored what we saw!

After 15 minutes we were dripping in sweat! I would have liked us to write in our nature journals but it was sooooo hot… It would have made the experience miserable! So, we took everything back to the car and set off on our hike.

We followed along the path and tried to listen for birds (which is difficult with very talkative kids!).

We did see a hummingbird!!! In the WILD!! It was flying all around a tree without flowers… and I explained to the kids something I learned in my teacher class last week- hummingbirds also eat insects! In fact, they feed their babies regurgitated insects not nectar!!!

I identified milkweed for the first time!! 😁 we can come back and check for monarch eggs and caterpillars πŸ›!

We got to check out water birds with our binoculars at the lookout!

We noticed a path down to the water, so naturally we went exploring!

The boys found a bunch of bones- which they think are the coolest things ever!!!

Andre connected some bones together when we got home… looks about right!

We wanted to stay longer and find more treasures but it was soooooooo hot! I would have also liked us to write in our journals and draw about our findings but it was sooooooo hot!

(Good thing there’s tomorrow!)

Things we learned for tomorrow…

  1. Go in the morning- early!
  2. Go to the bathroom before we leave
  3. Pack more water

I’m excited to go somewhere new tomorrow MORNING and put more drawings and ideas into our journals!


  1. Awesome! I am looking forward to start journaling with #1 Grandson. We’re already studying nature, he just needs to get a bit older to have the patience to sit long enough to draw, and of course write. He dictates to me now for his artwork.

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  2. That is awesome. Had to laugh at your “things you learned,” especially about going to the bathroom before you leave. πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

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