Chicken Math

Chicken Math is the idea that, since you can never tell if you’ve hatched a hen or a roo, you raise some extra chicks to ensure you have enough girls for your flock!

When we got our chicks from our friend, we originally wanted two or three- but we were explained chicken Math and encouraged to get four – figuring we would get 1 rooster.


If you’ve ever raised baby chicks in the city… then you know the sinking feeling you get when you first hear a little immature crow come from your babies! πŸ” especially when it’s a chorus of crows!!

Well- finding a home for a rooster is no easy thing… finding a home for two roosters is even more difficult! (Most places won’t allow roosters because the crowing is considered a nuisance.)

Thankfully – my sister in NE has a friend who said she would take the two roosters… and we offered to give one of my sister’s newly born barncats a home!

Sounds like a fair trade to us!


So- the roosters were loaded into a cat crate and took a road trip with my parents!

They found a new home in NE… a place where they can crow all they want!!

For the return trip, my parents brought back the most adorable 6 week old kitten… Tiger 🐯!

We LOVE our new kitten!!!

He’s even attended a swim meet in the pet stroller wearing a harness and leash!

I personally think we got the best end of the deal!! πŸ˜‰


But our rooster saga doesn’t end there… one early Saturday morning, I heard… another dreaded crow… and saw that it was Shadow making the ruckus!

I put shadow on Craigslist and on a backyard chicken FB page… I pleaded for someone to give him and home… and finally found a taker… over an hour away in the country… and you better believe I happily made the drive to drop him off!

The lady sent me a picture of a very happy Shadow in his new home! πŸ˜πŸ”πŸ‘

I breathed a large sigh of relief! No more roosters! I got two replacement hens- who get along well with Sunny- the last of the original chicks!

And we will live happily… ever… wait- what do I hear? A faint “cock-a-doodle-do”?!?

No joke- I heard a crow the other night… I didn’t see one of my chickens do it- I merely heard it…



  1. Glad you were able to find new homes for the roosters. I can see why they would be considered a nuisance in the city. They can get pretty loud early in the morning. Hopefully, your neighbor has decided to get chickens (roosters) too. If not, at least you now have experience on finding them a new home.

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