I’m a BAI – Basic Archery Instructor 🏹 

I went to archery training through the NASP- National Archery in the Schools.

The class was from 8:30 in the morning and ended at 5:00- after some performance evaluations and a written test!

I have left eye dominance so I had to use a left handed bow.  It was awkward at first – my aim was off and I shot a hole through their plastic banner! I guess I’ll be remembered forever LOL!

I improved, never hit the bullseye but got close enough! I learned how to run a range and teach a class of students how to properly and safely use the equipment!

I can’t wait to start a homeschool archery club 🏹 with my certificate!

Unfortunately, even though I took the class and passed, I don’t qualify for the grant because I don’t teach at a “real” school. Teachers from an established school (public or private) can get the grant and use it for an after school club, but not homeschoolers- even if they are part of an established co-op. The MDC did say we could borrow equipment until we get funding- which will be difficult but not impossible since I can try to get other grants through different organizations!


  1. I’ve only done archery once but I LOVED it!!! Congrats!

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  2. That’s great. It stinks that you can’t get a grant simply because you aren’t a “real” school. I guess I understand them not giving one to a single home school family, but a co-op should qualify.

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