Rescuing Fredrick the hummingbird!Β 

Andre came running into the house telling me I needed to see something… quick!

I was hesitant because I thought he was going to show me a dangerous stunt off the swing set… so I was quite surprised when he added- “there’s a hurt hummingbird on the ground!”

Andre named him Fredrick – he knew he was a boy from his bright red chest.

I called The Wild Bird Rehabilitation center and explained that the hummingbird looked good but was unable to fly. She told us to bring him in – which we did promptly!

I couldn’t resist a hummingbird selfie- because I’m sure I’ll never hold another one again!

The lady at the bird hospital told us that male hummingbirds are very territorial and will injure each other often!

Fredrick was given an ID number where we can check on him in a few weeks- hopefully it will say that he has flown off happy and healthy!



  1. That is so awesome! I’m sure you won’t get another chance in a long time! I’d have certainly taken the selfie too! πŸ™‚

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  2. Here’s to hoping Frederick gets the care he needs to fly free again! Great job saving him!

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  3. Well done, your actions are the best, letting those that know what to do, do their stuff.
    It is a sad thing when people try to help wildlife without the knowledge or the stuff to do it with. Pretty little Fred has a chance thanks to you. Namaste.

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  4. That is awesome! Hummingbirds are such interesting birds. I would have taken a selfie too. There are several around here and I love it when I see them rest on a tree limb for a few seconds. I have had a couple come into my garage. They are attracted to the little red pull that hangs down to unlock the garage door. Once they get in, they can’t seem to get out on their own. Apparently, the white roof looks like the sky to them and they fly up. They won’t fly back down a little so they can fly back threw the door. So, I have “chased” them with a broom until they get tired and will rest on it. When they do, I lower them near the door and they fly away.

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  5. Oh, the last picture made me think, “There’s on in every crowd.” LOL

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