Reusing essential oil bottles for a natural first aid kit

I was sitting by the pool when a wasp flew over to me and stung me on the arm! 


I quickly left my friends in charge of my children so I could drive home to get an oil for the sting!

I applied my comfrey oil that I had infused, and got immediate pain relief!

I applied it a few more times throughout the afternoon, and within two hours, there was no pain or swelling- I was healed!!

I knew I needed a way to carry my comfrey oil with me all the time!

1. I washed some empty essential oil bottles in vinegar – the sticky labels came right off!

2. Then I added baking soda to help remove some of the scent… it kinda worked…

3. I used a funnel and spooned the comfrey oil into the small bottle…

The bottle will fit nicely into my fanny pack and I don’t need to worry about it spilling!!

My hope is that as I make more infused oils with the herbs from my garden, I can fill the empty essential oil bottles and create a full first aid kit! 

I want to be ready for when accidents and stings happen!!


  1. I’ve heard them belt bags being called “Fanny Pack” before, but it still makes my mind pull a funny shocked smile with an intake of breach every time.
    Bexy smiling here in Wales, UK

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  2. /\ I meant to type ‘intake of breath’ /\

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  3. I just finished making some of my own oils for my Natural first aid kit: Sun infused Arnica Oil, Sun infused Birch Leaf Oil, and Devil’s club Salve. I must agree, that it is hard to get the smell out of the essential oil bottles. I used a diluted bleach solution in the end, and it worked.

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