Using my pressed flowers

I used the flowers I dried in the flower press I made!

I’m creating another book- similar to the Wild Family Book of Potions and Brews.

This new book is called Mind Body Spirit and it will hold information about how we benefit from plants!

The Daisy and Four-Leafed Clover turned out so nice! 

You can see the glue I used on the pansie 😦

The back of the book will hold dried (laminated) plant/flowers to be used as identification!

Now, as I read and learn about plants, I can write it down and keep the information close at hand!

This tiny sunflower 🌻 (volunteer from the bird feeder) will be the next flower I dry!!


  1. ❀I love it!

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  2. Such a lovely idea! We’ve gone on herb walks with Robert Rogers a couple times, but I never recall the information later. Something like this could be so much fun to make, and so useful too!

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