Elderberry flower cordial 

We went on a lovely bike ride today!

As were biking along a beautiful path, we were all overcome with the sweet sweet aroma of the elderberry flower!

I foraged a bundle of flowers and enjoyed their scent the rest of the bike ride!

As soon as we got home, I headed straight to the kitchen with my elderberry flowers!

Elderberry Flower Cordial

This is a sweet syrup which can be added to drinks or put on pancakes!

1. I had to pull a million little flowers off of the stems (the stems are toxic)

2. I mixed together 6 cups of boiling water and 4 cups of sugar (it’s no wonder this is sweet)

3. I poured the sugar water over the flowers

4. I then covered the bowl and will leave it alone for 2 days…

5. In 2 days I will taste it and tell you how delicious it is!!! 😋

🌺 🐝 🌺 🐝 🌺🐝🌺🐝🌺🐝🌺🐝

Elderberry Flower infused Honey!!

1. I pulled off the remaining tiny flowers (about 1/3 cup)

2. I located our honey… 5 almost empty bottles with crystallized honey 🍯 

3. I heated the honey containers in a pot with water…

which made the honey pour out easily onto the flowers!

Again… I have to wait!

4. In 1 week, I will strain the flowers, taste the honey and tell you how delicious it is!! 😋


  1. Those blossoms are HUGE! I thought you’d put them in vases, but you were more industrious than that! Can’t wait for the report on how the syrup, and Honey taste.

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    • I was greatly impressed with the size of the flower bunches!! I keep shaking the honey and I’m making pancakes tonight to try the syrup with!!! Hope it’s good 😄

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  2. Where do you find all of these recipes? Hope it all tastes as you expect it to.

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