Barefoot Baseball ⚾️ 

Josh suggested that, after church, we go play baseball at the park… and before I could say no, he enticed me with these sweet words, “You can play barefoot!”

How could I say no LOL 😆!!

Yesterday we bought the kids wooden bats at a garage safe for $1 each! 

We bought the bats with the intention of using our wood burning kit – so the kids can  decorate them and make them cool 😎!

But today- we decided to test the bats out to see how well they hit! and they hit well!! Andre’s black bat is called lucky 😉

Josh got a great shot of me MISSING the ball! (For the record- Eli was pitching!)

We had to pause the game to identify a flattened squirrel (yes I took a picture because a picture is better than the alternative… taking it home for the nature shelf!)

FYI- you can get ice waters from QT for 25 cents! And refills are free!! 💦 

I admit that after a few innings I started to get distracted from the huge pine trees next to me!

I collected fallen immature green pine cones (they smell amazing!!)

and needles to make pine infused oil! 

So- barefoot baseball ⚾️ with a bit of pine foraging 🌲 made for a beautiful Sunday afternoon! 😀☀️️❤️️


  1. Looks like a fantastically fun day!

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  2. ...

    Ha ha, yes! I was joking to my husband that I hope I don’t ever go missing and the police find my phone – dead mice, animal bones someone had laid out in the right order, my children posing with geese bones, snails mating, a dead pheasant……
    Looks like fun though!

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